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In a context of emergency due to climate change and its direct and indirect causes, Carrefour Brasil Group reinforces its strategic agenda to implement actions that transform and rethink the business model towards an increasingly regenerative approach to the food production system. 

Carrefour Brazil Group’s commitments aim to contribute objectively and consistently to combat deforestation and enhance the development of an inclusive food production, generating and distributing wealth, with sustainable production processes that preserve biodiversity. 

Carrefour Brazil Group adopts a rigorous and mandatory protocol for beef suppliers in its Beef Purchasing Policy. This protocol establishes approval processes and its continuity, not only to identify the origin of direct supply from the meat packer but also to ensure compliance with socio-environmental criteria during the production of fresh or frozen beef products from Brazilian production. 

Our suppliers commit to conducting geospatial analysis (compliance check through satellite image monitoring) of their direct supply farms. Simultaneously, they must report the origin farm of the purchase (based on the Rural Environmental Registry – CAR) to Carrefour Brasil Group for a compliance double-check. 

We collaborate with experts to meticulously monitor farm compliance, addressing aspects such as deforestation/native vegetation conversion, working conditions analogous to slave or child labor, environmental embargoes, invasions of indigenous lands, quilombolas, or conservation areas. 

In order to provide transparency to our actions, we present below the number of farms and the area monitored by biome, as well as the list of suppliers, and also the grievance channel (https://conexaoeticacarrefour.com.br/). 

Geomonitoring of supply farms 

Last update: December/23 


Data of Last update: December/23 

Active 17 

Blocked Meatpackers: 12 

Data of Last update: December/23