Carrefour Brazil Group has legal and socio-environmental compliance standards in its supply chain. Simultaneously, it expands dialogue with suppliers, aiming to obtain their engagement and co-responsibility regarding the commitments made by the company.

Suppliers undertake the formal commitment to develop transparent business practices by signing the Supplier and Partner Code of Conduct, a document that includes guidelines for decent working conditions. Carrefour Brazil Group assesses the social and environmental compliance of its suppliers and promotes development support practices throughout its value chain.

All requirements related to the promotion and guarantee of human rights are based on guidelines from the International Labour Organization (ILO) and other United Nations initiatives, such as the Global Compact, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and the Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights.

The Company has formally committed not to keep partners in its production chains who use slave labor, and the monitoring of commitments is carried out by the National Pact Institute for the Eradication of Slave Labor (InPacto), an organization that has been promoting decent work for 15 years, of which Carrefour Group is a founding and curating member.

Fruits and veggies suppliers participate in the Autonomy Journey program, with the main objective of developing them in terms of governance and social responsibility.
Carrefour’s own-brand products are developed following the Group’s Quality Policy, which establishes prerequisites for food safety and quality standards, as well as criteria for social responsibility audited through the ICS protocol (Initiative for Compliance and Sustainability) by a third party, without losing sight of Brazilian regulations.

After the market launch, products are monitored annually through technical audits, social audits, laboratory, and sensory analyses, following international protocols and guidelines. Among the laboratory analyses carried out are the analyses of pesticide residues, according to the Food Traceability and Monitoring Program (RAMA) of ABRAS, which the Group joined in 2014.

The program adopts a methodology that aims to trace the origin of products and conduct laboratory analysis through sample collection, with results published on the program’s monitoring platform.

These actions are aligned with the purpose and values of Carrefour Brazil Group, which seeks to be a reference in sustainable business and generate positive impact at all stages, from the value chain and production processes to the daily lives of customers and employees.

To provide transparency to our actions, we list below our portfolio of fruit, vegetable, and greens suppliers from our own-brand product line.

If you have information related to illicit activities in production chains, please share them through our reporting channel: https://conexaoeticacarrefour.com.br/

Active Fruits and Veggies Suppliers

Data of Last update: March/24

Reference period: January to March 2024

1 Agrivale – Agricultura do Vale Ltda 01.014.748/0001-06
2 Agrobras – Agricola Tropical Brasil S/A 24.380.727/0002-90
3 Agropecuária Roriz Dantas Ltda 12.786.836/0001-42
4 Agropecuaria Schio 91.501.783/0008-19
5 Alfa Citrus Comercio de Frutas Ltda 00.988.809/0003-35
6 Amigos do Bem 05.108.918/0001-72
7 Bananas Correa 28.835.748/0001-23
8 Benassi RJ (Irmãos Benassi) 29.020.880/0002-20
9 Benassi SP 04.052.176/0004-90
10 Central De Frutos do Painho S.A Internacional (Portugal)
11 Centro de Distribuicao Hortmix Comercio Importacao e Exportacao Ltda (Maxhort) 26.656.830/0001-65
12 Cooperativa Agropecuaria de Ibiúna 00.852.177/0001-16
13 Dosanko Frutas Tropicais Ltda 06.286.309/0003-38
14 Fischer 52.311.529/0096-90
15 Frutandina S.A Internacional (Argentina)
16 Frutmel (Fazenda Paraíso) 04.619.652/0001-60
17 Fugita 01.147.319/0001-07
18 Horta e Arte 02.620.021/0001-35
19 Jaguacy (Fazenda Jaguacy) 26.688.475/0001-06
20 JFC Natural Salads 0*********4
21 Julieta Cristina Muller (Select Green) 08.261.425/0001-66
22 La Ferreti (Fazenda Novas Águas Odair) 13.489.063/0001-03
23 Labrunier (Fazenda Brasiluvas) 58.551.243/0001-06
24 Marcio Nakati 08.371.465/0001-60
25 Paulo Nakati 14.492.273/0001-05
26 Rasip 94.789.468/0001-50
27 Rincón Internacional (Argentina)
28 Rio Bonito Orgânicos 26.498.340/0001-88′
29 SP UVALE Frutas Tropicais Ltda. 20.260.027/0003-92
30 Trebeschi (Fazenda Chácara Paraíso) 158.618.048-77
31 UGBP (Packing UGBP) 06.087.147/0001-47
32 W Magario 44.650.563/0003-62
33 W* Brito 4*********2
34 Nevada Argentina S. A. Internacional (Argentina)
35 Procesadora Baika SPA Internacional (Chile)
36 Chilefood Internacional (Chile)
37 Expofrut 04.420.687/0002-56
38 Katira (Del Grossi) 08.159.472/0004-46
39 Kuará (Nova Neruda) 24.303.204/0001-60

*Due to LGPD reasons, we cannot disclose CPF and the first name of the rural producer