Who We Are

For over 40 years, Grupo Carrefour Brasil has played a leading role in the development of Brazil’s retail market. Active in the daily lives of millions of consumers through our large chain of stores, we continue to strive to deliver improved food quality at an accessible price point for thousands of Brazilian households. 

We are Brazil’s leading food retailer, and we offer both food and non-food products in over 150 cities across all 26 Brazilian states and in the Federal District. Our Atacadão and Carrefour brands are amongst the most recognized in Brazil’s cash & carry wholesale and hypermarket industries.

Grupo Carrefour Brasil is among Brazil’s leading food retail companies. Propelled by its omnichannel structure and multi-format method, Grupo Carrefour Brasil is built around the evolving habits and needs of today’s consumers. In 2018, we recorded over 660 points-of-sale, 270 of which were generated by (i) the Carrefour brand (on the hypermarket), (ii) Carrefour Bairro, and Carrefour Market (a supermarket), and (iii) Carrefour Express (proximity retail). With a nationwide footprint in the wholesale segment, we have 166 Atacadão stores and 27 delivery wholesale stores. We also have an online sales platform, www.carrefour.com.br, with owned e-commerce (1P) and marketplace (3P) operations. In addition, we operate 74 gas stations and 124 drugstores.

Among retailers, we are Brazil’s largest credit card operator and the only self-operated consumer credit business among the largest players in the Brazilian food retail industry, which we operate through Banco Carrefour. The integration of our Financial Solutions segment with our Wholesale and Retail segments enables us to develop differentiated promotions, payments, and credit solutions for our customers, which improves sales, customer traffic, and customer loyalty. We also have a real estate division, the Carrefour Property, that operates in three shopping malls and which manages our rental spaces and owned property, the Carrefour Property.

In 2018, Grupo Carrefour Brasil took a noteworthy step towards achieving its objective. In line with our global transformation plan, Carrefour 2022, we widened the scope of our operations, stepped up our digital transformation, launched new and innovative services, and resolved to lead the food transition process for all. In line with this strategy, we seek to reinforce the integration of physical and virtual POS by developing an ecosystem that improves the Carrefour customer experience.